peace sign tattoo by Jeanne at Personal Art with dangling jewels and beads
side tattoo with flowers and stars and swirls

Jeanne Fritch is the principal artist at Personal Art.

She is a master tattooist.


Her tattooing career began in 1978, when she served a formal apprenticeship. 

Since then, she has been cross-trained in multiple genres and styles of tattooing. 

Her experience and expertise are vast and diverse. 

tattoo of an owl with sugar skull
black and gray, henna-styled birds - tattooed by Jeanne at PersonalA
peony tattoos on an arm done by Jeanne at Personal Art
leg tattooed with koi and water and flowers by JEanne at Personal Art, Inc
tattooed forearm
black and gray style rose tattoo with superimposed image of a cross
tattoo of bear image with black and gray style mountains and trees
alternative tattoo style on leg
side tattoo with flowers and stars and swirls


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