Our Story

Inside the lobby of Personal Art in Lake Station, IN

The story of PERSONAL ART began in 1985.

In 1985 Jeanne Fritch left the studio she had co-founded in 1978 and ventured out on her own.

Having done her training during an era of pre-drawn, “flash” designs, Jeanne Fritch always believed that every tattoo design should be personal to the bearer.  

Her commitment to personalized art and excellent service created a new culture of tattooing in Northwest Indiana. 

That commitment to excellence continues to this day.

At Personal Art, we understand that tattooing is and should be art that tells an important story for the bearer.

Originally founded as “Tattoos By Jeanne” in 1985, Personal Art has consistently been in the intentional pursuit of quality art, in ​a warm and creative studio setting.

Outstanding Art

Commitment To Excellence

Customer Care 

These are the three values of our studio – the three pillars that support all that we do.

These pillars have stood the “test of time” in an industry that looks much different today than in 1978 when Jeanne Fritch began her professional career.

Almost 40 years later, Jeanne is even more committed to those values – and it shows in all that she does and in the culture of her studio.

After years of hard work and multiple magazine features (**including her own back on the cover of the first publicly released tattoo periodical**), there was a growing demand for Jeanne’s tattoo services AND for her philosophy that tattoos should be personal to the individual and bring their personal story to life on their skin.

Leaving her “tattoo roots” in a more traditional tattoo parlor, Jeanne established the start of her vision of how tattooing should be offered to people:  a comfortable studio where people can express their personal message through the skills of a conscientious and talented tattoo artist, committed to excellence.

For over 35 years, Personal Art has offered its clients outstanding, personalized service and custom-designing in a private studio.   

Decades of awards later and many tattoo careers launched through her training system, Jeanne continues to create superior body art and permanent cosmetics.

It’s Art On A Body Canvas!


the cover of the first TATTOO magazine


3453 Central Avenue

Lake Station, IN  46405


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